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If these guys aren’t doing their job, believe me, you will know it immediately. If they are, you would not even notice them. I’m talking about our sound engineers. VCL has a sophisticated sound system that was set up by professionals many years ago. The techs are trained on the system and practice with the musicians and readers each week before worship service. And each week we tax the system with our various worship components. On October 7 (while you were watching the football game), the sound team did a thorough check of our equipment. They followed every cable and checked every jack. They ascended to the heights and evaluated our speaker system and checked every microphone to make sure that our equipment is in good working order. We were very happy to find that no major problems were found. The few purchases we need to make are well within our budget. A very special thanks to Wylli Foote, Jim Lindberg, Daniel Sweetser and Drew Younger for putting in a long day of work and for John Stromberg and Mason Callaway who also serve on this team. If you are interested in being trained for this behind the scenes team, please contact Susan Eclov

By Susan Eclov