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The May publication of my book, Pastoral Graces: Reflections on the Care of Souls, by Moody Publishers began quite an adventure. I’m very thankful to the elders for their encouragement to walk through the doors opening before me.

I have been interviewed by phone several times by Christian radio stations in different parts of the country. The focus has often been on how people can encourage their pastors (which VCL does so well). The people at Moody Publishers who are marketing my book are tapping into the interest in Clergy Appreciation Month (October) as they line up these contacts.

A special treat was to tape an hour-long nationally-aired show, “Building Relation-ships,” with Gary Chapman (author of The Five Love Languages) and Chris and Andrea Fabry. That program will air on Moody radio stations, including WMBI, on Saturday, Oct. 13, at 11 a.m. On Tuesday afternoon, Sept. 25, I was on “Chris Fabry Live!” for an hour with my friend, Dr. John Koessler, fielding some interesting questions from listeners. I think you can still listen to that via your computer.

This summer I wrote an article entitled, “Preaching with Grace,” for Preaching maga-zine, which included excerpts from the book. The editor loved it, and it will be published in November. Leadership Journal, a major church leader’s magazine from Christianity Today Inc., will publish a significant excerpt in their fall issue. EFCA Today will also publish a fairly long excerpt soon.

The book has been given, with ringing endorsements, to leaders within the EFCA and several other denominations. The Rural Home Missionary Association, which raises up church planters for rural and small town churches, has promoted it. I’ve been deeply encouraged that both pastors and lay people are not only reading it, but passing it on. I’m amazed how many doors that little book has opened.