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We have continued to think through both the valuable feedback we received from the various cottage meetings with the congregation last summer as well as our own thinking about the direction the Lord Jesus would have VCL pursue. To some extent this thinking may affect our 2013 budget, which will be presented to the congregation in November.

While additional pastoral staff is very much still on the elders’ agenda, we do not feel that we are prepared at this time to make that part of our budget for 2013. If we feel the Lord wants us to hire an Associate Pastor in 2013, we would need to come back to the congregation with both rationale and a funding plan at that time. We have not tabled the matter, but we feel any formal action at this time would be premature. It is our intention, however, to add some part-time support staff for Susan Eclov, probably 10 hours or less per week. We have also discussed our growing need for some help coordinating our communication efforts.

We feel strongly that we need to lead our body to a much stronger commitment to pray, especially to pray together not only for personal needs, but for the advance-ment of Christ’s kingdom through our church. We are thinking through what the primary prayer frontiers might be for us and the best ways to enable widespread prayer. We also need to think through how to challenge our church’s compla-cency about this matter. What risks does the Lord want us to take for his sake? What sins must we root out? How would Jesus have us be more engaged in evangelism?

The elders have strongly reaffirmed Pas-tor Lee’s own growing ministries beyond our immediate congregation as part of his calling here. His work beyond the church is not just his own, but an extension of the ministry of Village Church, much as with our missionaries. While his first love and primary responsibility is shepherding this congregation, the elders have encouraged him to take on growing opportunities in writing and speaking. However, he does so under the authority of the elders and, ultimately, the congregation.

Pray for the Election

Our elders are encouraging us to take up the challenge to pray for the 40 days

leading up to our national election, using the simple prayer suggested by author and pastor, Max Lucado.

Dear Heavenly Father, You have given us this promise: ”…if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” (2 Chroni-cles 7:14) So, we pray to you. We turn from evil and look to you, our God. Please: 

Unite us 

Strengthen us 

Appoint and anoint our next president 

In the name of Christ we pray, Amen.