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Thanks to both great generosity and frugal spending, VCL ended the fiscal year with a surplus. Our leaders wisely put some of this money in reserve and paid down our mort-gage by $27,500. We asked the Missions Minis-try Team to use $10,000, some of which will go to exploring how we can be more active against human trafficking.

Three major gifts were given beyond our church. We allocated $7500 to the purchase of a c-arm X-ray machine for the T.E.A.M. hospital in Nepal served by Drs. Doug & Ruth Lindberg. Doug is the son of Jim and Barb Lindberg at VCL. According to Doug, “It allows for live action x-ray instead of the still shots that a normal x-ray machine takes. And gives direct visualization of a fracture as it is being manipulated, leading to better outcomes and less disability for our patients. It also is a needed piece of equipment for operative orthopedics, including pin and screw placements. Additionally, it is a great recruiting tool for us to attract a Nepalese orthopedic surgeon.”

Secondly, VCL gave a gift of $5000 to the foun-dation headed by Eric Lyons, Hope for the Silent Voices. Eric is the son of John and Kaye Lyons at VCL. The organization is “a not-for-profit organization founded to bring attention and resources to the severely neglected, disadvantaged, abused and discarded globally.” Their focus is currently East Asia.

Finally, our congregation gave $2500 to Project Hood under the leadership of Pastor Corey Brooks, the pastor who lived on the roof of an abandoned motel in Chicago for three months. This money was toward the goal of buying and tearing down this eyesore so a new community center can be built. On Feb. 24 Pastor Brooks met his $450,000 goal and came down from the roof.

By: Lee Eclov