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We want our parents to feel like they know what’s going on with our youth group. We don’t want our parents in the dark about what the lessons are about, who the volunteer mentors are and what’s coming down the road with our Middle School and Senior High Students. But, we’ve all got busy schedules. Who wants yet another meeting? So, we’ve decided to bring the youth group to the parents and the parents to youth group. We’re introducing a new Wednesday rotation which we hope will keep parents informed about the life of our youth group. In between each lesson series on Wednesday evenings, we will have a Wednesday that will function as a leadership meeting for volunteer mentors. The Wednesday after we will have a parent and student meeting where the leaders will introduce our new lesson series to parents and students and give out information on upcoming events. This follows with eight to ten weeks of normal youth group for our students. Then the rotation will begin again. We hope this is a good way of keeping up face-to-face relationships with parents, letting them see our youth group setting and meeting our new leadership. Our next parent meeting will be May 9.

A new VCL youth ministry flyer will be launched next month. This brochure will con-tain a handout explaining our latest lesson series, a page introducing our current volunteers and a glimpse of our philosophy of ministry. Thanks for all your support of our youth group.

By: Michael Mauriello