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By Pastor Lee Eclov

We had such a delightful and encouraging annual congregational meeting! We gathered on Sunday evening, Nov. 20, to address church business, to give some thought to future issues, and to pray.

The congregation approved a 2012 general budget of $505,000, as well as a variety of changes to the bylaws. Chris McNiven and
Raymond Wunderlich were affirmed for the Board of Elders. Also approved—Henry VanDixhorn as Financial Resources Chair, Jim Hansen as Treasurer, Sharon Johnson and Karen Kasch as members of the Human Resources Committee.

im Hansen did the impossible. He made the financial report the most entertaining part of the evening with his Pecha Kucha Moola. (You had to be there.) He explained that this year’s giving, through October, is $9000 behind budget, but our expenses are also less than budgeted. So as of the end of October our balance this year is about $9000 in the black. Our 2012 budget breaks down as follows: 48% staff salaries and benefits, 19% for mortgage, 11% building and property care, 13% missions and supported organizations, and 10% for VCL office and ministry expenses.

I explained that we have been seeing growth and that the elders will consider three related issues in the new year. First, we will continue to track attendance in the event we need to go to two services. A task force has discussed this prospect and has given some guidelines to the elders. Second, we will consider a mini-capital campaign for some building improvements including the room dividers for the Great Room and possible fixed walls for children’s rooms and a future office, as well as debt reduction or other priorities. Third, we will address the issue of future staffing. We invited the congregation’s comments and questions and had a helpful discussion. After the business portion of the meeting we had a time of prayer and fellowship.