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It’s always good to welcome back our missionaries—especially those who have been gone a long while. During the last week of October, we were able to welcome back Wendall Hollis. Wendall was a part of our church family for some time. He attended VCL while he earned his PhD in New Testament at Trinity.

Wendall serves the Lord by working with Entrust, an organization that partners with indigenous pastors and teachers by crafting context appropriate curriculum that deals with biblical studies, theology, and social concerns. Wendall functions as a final editor for Entrust; he proofs and edits the curriculum to ensure that it is orthodox, evangelical, well presented, and relevant to the learning context. Wendall presented his ministry on Sunday, October 23 during First Hour Connections. He received a standing ovation in the service that day, and he shared with Lee and the congregation more about his particular ministry. During the following week, he attended a few of our growth groups and made some personal visits to close friends and supporters.

Please pray for Wendall as he continues to raise support, as all of our missionaries do. Please pray for stamina as he does a lot of reading and working on a computer;