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Twice a year the members of VCL gather to make some of the important decisions that shape our congregation. We are congregational in government so that means that it is up to us as members, under the authority of Christ, to be wise stewards of our church. Our Annual Congregational Meeting will be:

Sunday, November 20, 2011

6:30 to 8:00 p.m.

Childcare will be provided. 

Nonmembers are very welcome to attend and participate, except for voting. 

There are three main issues requiring congregational approval at this meeting but we also expect to have time together to talk about our church’s health and direction, to hear brief reports from our staff, to address questions or ideas you might want to share, and to pray together.

The three main issues we will vote on will be approving a slate of officers, approving the budget for 2012, and approving the proposed changes to the bylaws.

Election of Officers 

Some of our elected officers are in the middle of their terms, and our Ministry Team lead-ers are not elected positions. Those who will require congregational approval are:

Elders: Chris McNiven and Raymond Wunderlich.

Financial Resources Committee: Henry VanDixhorn, chair; Jim Hanson, treasurer. (Jim has been the chair and will be replacing Bob Betts.)

Human Resources Committee: Sharon Johnson and Karen Kasch to one-year terms.

Approval of 2012 Budget 

The budget process is still underway as of this writing, but the Financial Resources Committee and Elders will bring in a budget as close to last year’s as possible—about $500,000. The proposed budget will be available a week before the meeting.

Approval of Bylaw Changes 

As noted in last month’s Village Vine the Elders are proposing a number of changes, how-ever none of them represent a significant change of policy. They clean up unclear lan-guage, streamline the way the Human Resources Committee’s role is defined, clarify how our Ministries (and Ministry Teams) work, and clarify statements about church discipline and financial oversight. To read a full summary of the changes in last month’s Vine or to read the exact changes proposed go to our VCL website. On the ‘Media’ but-ton, look for Resources. There you will find the Vine and a button for the Bylaws. The password to access them is ‘bylaws’.