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By Pastor Lee Eclov

The Elders have appointed a task force to begin exploring the idea of going to two Sunday morning services. They will consider such things as how to gather your input, what the triggers would be to indicate that the time has come to make such a change, how the morning would be scheduled and how our educational ministries would be reworked. This last issue— how classes for children, youth and adults are affected—is probably the most difficult.

The Elders are not sure that the time has come for this but we have seen enough growth over the last several months to indicate that we need to have a plan. We talked informally about a change in January, but that might well be premature.

The task force members are Chris McNiven (chair), Jim Stamoolis, Michael Mauriello, Susan Eclov, and David Hooper. Feel free to contact any of them with your thoughts on this matter.