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By Pastor Lee Eclov

As time passes we discover ways that our church bylaws can be clarified or simplified. The Board of Elders has approved a number of changes which will be brought to the congregation for a vote at our November 20 Annual Meeting. The proposed changes do not, by and large, change any major way of doing business nor any of our basic structures or priorities. There are no bombshells. The changes either clarify something that was fuzzy or simplify processes.

To see the actual proposed changes, please go to our website, [You will need to email the church for the password].

Here is a summary of the changes.

▪ Instead of reporting annually to the congregation on membership changes, these changes will be available in the church office. (We have never actually reported this information, so we’re matching bylaw to practice.) New member are announced as they join, and it is cumbersome to report departing members.

▪ We make clearer a paragraph in the church discipline section. There is no actual change of policy.

▪ We remove the requirement that an annual “independent inspection of the books” be done. It is expensive, and there are several other checks in place to insure integrity.

▪ The details of the Human Resources Commit- tee are simplified because the practices spelled out have not proved practical. The nominating process, which is in league with the Elders, is clarified. The make-up, organization and other duties of this Board are also simplified, giving more flexibility.

▪ The section on Ministry Teams is changed to Ministries, because the leadership of our various ministries is not always done by teams, per se. Some are by individual lay leaders without a committee, and some are staff led. All the changes in this section are basically a realigning of the wording, with the intent to make it clearer and simpler.

▪ Our current bylaws require that official notification of meetings be in the bulletin or newsletter. We are amending language to allow use of the website or email for those who have Internet access.

If you have questions or other ideas for changes talk to one of the Elders. No changes are pro- posed for the Constitution.