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For the summer, our junior and senior higher have been meeting together on Wednesday evenings. Many of our volunteers either moved on to new places and chapters in their lives, or went home for the summer to pursue internships. The school year is fast approaching, and many of our youth staff are preparing to return to ministry. Newly-weds Brandon and Ashley Boulais are returning, as is John Wood. Becca Spellman, a new volunteer, will be coming on board in September. Drew Younger is also coming aboard to help us think through worship. And we are beginning to pursue a partnership with TIU’s undergraduate program to see if we can do a similar mentoring church program with undergraduates as we currently do with seminary students in our youth ministry program.

Now that our staff is larger, it is our plan to separate out the junior and senior higher in September. However, rather than have the senior and the junior higher meet on separate nights, they will meet on the same night with different staff. This ought to help our families who have different children in different age groups, and will free Friday nights (when Junior high previously met)—for family time for our volunteers and for our students. During the summer, our teams participated in the adult Sunday School hour for the pecha-kuchas. Starting in September, they will go back to having their own dedicated Sunday School times.

We are thinking through what the coming year will hold for our youth group, and we are anticipating a mission trip for the summer of 2012 somewhere in the continental United States. We will have our annual winter retreat in January. Over the summer, Tyler Ingersoll and Terry LaForge helped us think through innovative ways to do worship without a worship band. And John Ingersoll is continuing our monthly guy’s night events. I am profoundly grateful for the hard work and support from John Ingersoll and Guy Viti over the summer. They have worked hard for our students! Thank you for loving our students.

By: Pastor Michael Mauriello