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Do you know what ABF means? Neither do we.

Well, that’s not quite right. ABF is an acronym for Adult Bible Fellowships. ABF’s developed as a church growth strategy and integration point for new church attenders. In larger churches, ABF’s became the mini-congregation within a congregation; sort of like a Cheers. It was the place where “everyone would know your name.” Generally, an ABF was 60-90 people big, with a committed teacher and coordinator.

In our church, it’s what we’ve called our Sunday morning options for adults for years. Generally, we’ve had two “ABF’s.” The first is the “Mornings with Michael” group—which I took over in January. The second is Raymond Wunderlich’s “Abundant Life” group. Neither are really ABF’s. But both are great opportunities to stretch and grow. And they are places where everyone will know your name. And places to participate. Several of you told us that you had no idea we had morning options before service. Well, you can’t miss them now. Many of you have shown up for our special pecha-kucha summer, where we introduced our “Grounds for Convictions” coffee bar. You’ve seen that getting up early isn’t a drag, it’s fun. Well, the fun goes on all year long around Village Church!

Starting in September, our “Mornings with Michael” group and the “Abundant Life” class will be gearing up again for fellowship and learning. Is there a difference between the two? Yes. “Mornings with Michael” is a group that will always take a book of the Bible for and inductive look and lots of application discussion. “Abundant Life” is also discussion oriented, but deals more with its member’s stories and life journeys with Jesus. Two different but wonderful approaches. I’m thinking of a new name for these groups. They aren’t Sunday Schools. They aren’t ABF’s. What they are though, is great. Naming things isn’t always easy. But getting into a group for learning and growth, and fellowship, that’s good. There are two on Sunday mornings. Which will you join? If you are new, this would be a great chance to meet and get to know folks in the congregation. If you are not, it’s a great way to dig in on a Sunday with fellow travelers and explorers. Both start at nine. Both will have great coffee and fellowship. Both will challenge us to deeper relationships with Christ.

Missing something on Sundays? Don’t miss these great opportunities to dig in. Mornings with Michael and Abundant Life will both start up again in September.

By: Pastor Michael Mauriello