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Years ago, a colleague was interviewing for a pastoral position with a church plant. One of the founders of the church told him on the phone, “We started in a donut shop, but we got too big.” (Get it?) Growth can be a funny thing. Perhaps you’ve noticed that VCL is growing. As an interesting example: on the third Sunday of July last year we had about 150 adults and children in church. On the same Sunday this year, we had 220. I am thrilled that so many people are exploring this wonderful church. Of course, we have yet to see our expected influx of Trinity students that we typically get once school starts. In past years, we have rarely had 200 people on even our biggest Sundays, let alone in the middle of July, so things have definitely been changing over the last year!

Our newest attendees are coming from a variety of places. They are young and older, singles and families. A number of these friends have come from an area congregation that closed in early May.This means, of course, that we need to roll out the welcome mat! What a privilege and responsibility God is giving us! I get excited thinking about the new gifts, passions and friendships that are awaiting us. Please be sure to greet each other and visit a few minutes after church. Take advantage of opportunities for fellowship meals or to pray or sing together. If you don’t have one of our pictorial directories, pick one up at the Information Desk. (We’ll update it again this fall.) You will undoubtedly see new faces helping in our worship services, greeting at the doors, and helping with other ministries. The Board of Elders is beginning to think through the ramifications of moving to two services if this growth continues. A rule of thumb is that if a church is filled to 80% capacity frequently, it is time to consider another service. We’re pretty close to that. We will certainly keep you posted on our thinking on this and we will seek your input this fall.

By: Pastor Lee Eclov