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Dear Church Family,

Again you have blessed Pat and me with your overwhelming kindnesses while I was away on vacation, and I want to express my thanks to you! Thanks to your efforts, Pat had many visitors, and I’m certain she enjoyed each one! In addition, the caregivers at Manor Care greatly appreciated your visits. I know this is true because after my return (as on other occasions when I’ve been out of town and you’ve visited Pat), several of them made a special point to mention how wonderful all the people are who visited Pat. I, of course, know that you are the greatest, but it is wonderful to hear that others recognize this as well. In addition, there were special members of our congregation who helped with caring for Pat’s laundry, standing “in the wings” to accompany Pat just in case she needed to go to the hospital or see a doctor, getting me to and from the airport, making the arrangements for all of these things, etc., etc. By doing these things, you allowed me to relax and enjoy my time away, because I knew that Pat would be well cared for, regardless of whatever she needed! So, thank you so very much for all that you have done and continue to do in serving my family and so many others!

It is a great encouragement and a great testimony to everyone of the difference it makes when people are connected to one another through their connection to Christ! May the Lord greatly bless you and give you and your families a restful summer!

In Christ,
John Feinberg