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Linda Wehrheim, the new editor of the Village Vine

Years ago I learned the hard way what happens when a congregation doesn’t know what’s going on in their church. That’s why the Village Vine and our website at are so important. They help us all stay on the same page, you might say. Jenn Uren has been the editor of the Village Vine for the last 3 years, having also served in the role some years before that. Every month she has dogged the procrastinating footsteps of even the most recalcitrant among us to keep you informed about what is happening at VCL. She has done this job without missing a deadline and without losing friends! Jenn has always been cheerful, gracious and creative. I am so thankful for her service.

Now she is passing the baton to another very capable editor, Linda Wehrheim. Linda, who was our office manager for several years, will assume responsibility for the Vine beginning with the September issue. The only bad news is that Linda is no more likely than Jenn to allow me to turn things in late. Like my mother said, “There is no rest for the weary.”

By: Pastor Lee Eclov